Visualizzazione Disegni e servizi WEB

With Autodesk technology-based SCT viewer, show your drawings in a web browser.

It is possible to view drawings in over 40 formats, from DWG to Inventor and Revit formats.

It is possible to generate 2D and 3D views of your projects to display them on your website. Activate powerful tools that allow audiences to interactively control section cuts, explode assemblies, and take measurements in a browser. Visitors to the site can also control the display of individual objects and layers, mark and print their views, and easily share a link with others.

Convert your design file to other formats or extract geometry and properties from your design You can share design files in more than 60 formats and extract geometry and object property data. Design data can be integrated quickly and easily into your application. Customize the Viewer and add contextual behaviors.

Use the WEB viewer and extensions to enable existing or custom controls. Your points of view and your data react with each other. Create contextual relationships between views.

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