Configuratore di prodotto

The CAD, WEB and CAD / WEB configurator platform is a service offered by SCT Informatica.

The software solution is flexible and tailor-made to adapt to the demands that every reality needs. The configurator is oriented to different aspects of the business reality: from design to sales processes, from budgeting to product configuration .

It is the ideal proposal both for those who have to offer their customers an external design and budgeting service, and to be used within the company itself. The solution can be supplied with AutoCAD, Inventor, REVIT base and integrated with the WEB world.

Through the SCT Informatica configurator it will be possible to offer the final customer:

  1. a system to request economic quotations for standard and special products, enabling them to use your products
  2. The customer will be able to see the real preview of the project and use the drawing in 3D (step, sat) and 2D (dwg, pdf) format. In this way you will be able to “try out” the product.
  3. The request for will be tracked and will arrive in the company already in electronic format and complete with all the information to start the order / job. All this with the choice of doing it via web or desktop based on AUTOCAD (on-line, off-line and mixed).
  4. the configurator can also be used by agents and commercial in order to create precise and non-off-the-shelf offers , complete with 3D and 2D drawings and distinct all without involving the Technical Office, which in this phase would invest some time without a certain return.

The information generated in this first phase will then be used within the company in order to:

  1. to help the technical office in the derivation of bills and processing sheets as it will use the 3D drawing generated in the first phase as a starting point
  2. derive the bills needed to manage both internal and supplier orders
  3. derive data for management and PDM
  4. automatically extract processing cards for production

The process will create a single workflow across the enterprise to optimize reusability , minimize errors and waste time.

Some examples of configurators made:

  • Draw: the company produces perimeter fences and wanted to equip its customers with a tool to design their own layouts. SCT has customized the CAD to allow the end customer to create the layout in DWG format compatible with the format used in the technical office.
  • ST Draw: made for a manufacturer of carpentry of electrical panels. The program allows the resellers / customers of this company to create the electrical panel complete with columns, cells, bars and switches and derive layouts, bills and immediately obtain the quote
  • Configurator for mechanical protection barriers and turnstiles for civil use (supermarkets, etc)
  • Configurator for the design and installation of the Lean System with automatic design of layouts with structure, pipes and lists and extraction of the estimate in Excel format.
  • The software 3D shelving allows the estimation and design of various types of shelving such as Cantilever, Light Cantilever, Pallet holder and Mrx-Mrv, etc.
  • The WEB Configurator developed by SCT INFORMATICA is oriented to the automatic and parametric generation of 2D / 3D technical drawings for catotechnics

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