Piattaforma modulare - SCT 360°

SCT 360 is the MODULAR platform of SCT Informatica designed to manage the main needs relating to design , budgeting , production, traceability / final accounting and visualization from web / mobile devices and cloud service.

The advantages for the customer are the speed of design and budgeting, the reduction of errors , the time to market and the use of data for production.

The central heart is the application that uses the AutoCad graphics engine as the basis for designing the product or layout through simple customized commands that guide the user in the design and where required in the sizing and / or real-time calculations related to the design.

The system then becomes a CAD / CAE that is a program that provides both complete CAD functionality and numerical calculation functions.

The data is saved both in the format DWG which with the application becomes a BIM system that in a database < / strong> which contains all the information needed for the next steps.

The quotation engine is managed on the server side both to be easily updated and to keep the requests of end customers under control.

From the CAD project it is also possible to automatically derive all the information for production such as: layout , tables , data , ISO file and integrations with the machinery in production through the various modules CAD / CAM developed ad-hoc for different machines.

From production it is possible to keep track of the progress through barcode, qr code and touch screen monitor.

All or some of this information, where required, can be shared in a SECURE cloud environment in order to give external access to some of this data. The remote user can view the drawing and see the technical characteristics.

The platform is modular in the sense that we can concentrate developments on a specific need, OPEN that is, it can be integrated with other software systems in the company: management systems, production machines, CRM, job order management, etc.

The application sectors are AEC (Architector, Engineering and construction), Manufacturing and in particular all those where it is necessary to manage a single flow associated with the order by integrating software systems and company departments .

Examples of use of the platform are:

  • industrial wooden packaging (design, estimate, calculation, bills for production and CAD / CAM data for nailing and cutting-off machines
  • design of electrical panels (design, estimates and bills)
  • design of perimeter fences (design both in the technical office and simplified for retailers, estimates and bills)
  • prefabricated construction

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