Software di Calcolo e di Ottimizzazione

SCT computer science realizes on customer specifications calculation software in engineering, structural, simulation software and optimization algorithms.

Over the years we have accumulated accumulated experience in various sectors such as:

  • naval
  • railways
  • die cutters
  • industrial packaging
  • cleanroom
  • prefabricated
  • modular homes
  • suction systems

We have responded to the different needs of customers such as:

  • CAD integration with buckling verification software
  • optimization of flanges loading in crates and pallets
  • panel loading optimization on trucks
  • integration of the verification system according to UNI 9151
  • calculation and sizing system for wooden packaging
  • calculation of pressure drops on suction systems
  • load planning optimization software

Our operating mode is as follows:

  • state of the art analysis
  • writing software requirements
  • validation of functional and non-functional requirements
  • proposal of a technical solution shared with the customer
  • software implementation in close cooperation with the end user
  • the calculation engine can be both integrated and external in order to be managed by the customer
  • validation of results

We can either integrate the computing environment into a 3d graphic engine such as Autocad, Inventor or Revit, or rewrite it with the collaboration of important design and engineering firms.

We are available to study together the best solution for your problem.

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