Progettazione Oggetti BIM per Autodesk REVIT

More and more often, it happens to have the need to share, in electronic and BIM format, the “intelligent” designs of their products, whether they are windows, diffusers, aspirators or simpler elements such as furnishing elements.

It is therefore necessary to use a universal data interchange format and for this it is necessary to develop a BIM model of your product.

Developing the BIM model means on the one hand creating a three-dimensional model in which the geometries are linked to information and rules and at the same time managing the physical and technical characteristics of objects .

In the BIM models, the same data is used from the concept phase, preliminary design, executive design, 4D and time schedule. Once construction is complete, the same data can be used to plan and manage ordinary and extraordinary maintenance.

SCT is responsible for studying in depth the type of product and both geometric and use characteristics, i.e. the physical and mechanical parameters of the product in order to provide the customer with the REVIT parametric models with the required LOD levels of detail.

The files can also be provided in IFC format for full BIM compatibility.

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