Prodotti basati su AUTOCAD

The CAD development platform provides the tools to build AutoCAD software-based products for specific markets and to extend design information for users outside the traditional CAD community.

Industry specific products can be created that offer only the required Autocad commands, menus and project data, and custom functions can be added as per customer specifications. Thanks to the support of SCT it is possible to:

  • To provide a product that requires CAD software functionality, but is not intended for traditional CAD users.
  • Build products that can read and create DWG ™ files that are fully compatible with AutoCAD DWG
  • Provide products with scalable feature sets and pricing and provide an AUTOCAD-based platform that cannot be customized or extended by end users.
  • Replace an old CAD system and take advantage of new custom AutoCAD software technologies.
  • Create a drawing in Autocad DWG and export it with a click in BIM format (Building Information Model)

Some examples of the applications created and distributed thanks to the platform:

  • ImballiCAD: software for the design of industrial wood packaging
  • IDMCAD – SmartCAD: software distributed by a partner company of SCT which produces LASER machines. The customized version of AUTOCAD allows you to create / import DWG drawings to generate the shapes to be cut and automatically generate the CNC to be sent to the machine controller.
  • IDMCAD – Draw: the company produces perimeter fences and wanted to provide its customers with a tool to design their own layouts. SCT has customized the CAD to allow the end customer to create the layout in DWG format compatible with the format used in the technical office.
  • IDMCAD EasyDraw: made for a carpentry manufacturing company of electrical panels. The program allows the resellers / customers of this company to create the electrical panel complete with columns, cells, bars and switches and derive layouts, bills and immediately obtain the quote

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