We develop customized AUTOCAD programs and applications for all versions on the market.

After having thoroughly analyzed your needs and after planning the best solution based on your needs, we create high quality plugins that can faithfully respond to the objectives set by you.

The design and functionality of your application will be totally customized and tailor-made.

It will also be possible, if necessary, to transform the drawings, created according to your procedures, in BIM format (Building Information Model)

If you often have to repeat boring or always the same operations, copy the data and insert them several times in the database and on the AUTOCAD drawing, make the drawing in Autocad redrawing the same details a thousand times and having to extract the bills of the pieces in your management system, SCT can help you to make these operations automatic resulting in:

  • time savings both in the design phase and in the data extraction phase
  • avoid errors due to multiple entries of the same data
  • saving money
  • free the most important human resources

Among the applications and plugins developed and already in use:

  • Cleanroom sector: design, final balance, automatic extraction of bills and processing cards
  • wood packaging sector: parametric and 3D design, integration with management software
  • Prefabricated houses: automatic house design starting from configuration sheets
  • Controls for laser, plasma and water cuts: automatic extraction of ISO files for numerical control machines, cutting optimization, management of technological tables.
  • Prefabricated sheet metal
  • Electric substations in reinforced concrete: starting from an excel sheet, automatic derivation of the drawing in AUTOCAD
  • Wooden roofs: design support with customized commands
  • Perimeter protections: customized commands for the design and modification of perimeter fences
  • Paper converting and die cutting management
  • railway design sector
  • Aluminum extrusion design
  • Soft design
  • Shelving

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