The company aims to satisfy the expectations of its customers by offering them a service of high technological content, which is at the same time adapted and customized to their particular needs in such a way as to activate a relationship of collaboration and mutual cooperation.

  • Courses and Assistance
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Design and Development of Drawings
  • Pm, Senior Buyer, Material Coordination Manager.

SCT with its collaborators has participated as Pm in important projects such as North Africa power plants with Sadelmi, Cogepi and ABB – Power lines in Arabia and Africa – railway projects for High Speed ​​Italy with Abb / Balfourbeatty / Alpiq / Alstom.

SCT carried out the project and turnkey supply of the Porta Nuova MI Tower on the Unicredit building with a group of engineering companies.

Under our responsibility we have followed all the technical and economic activities of the Project Manager of the order:

  • Budget analysis and order progress;
  • Planning of activities, flow management and analysis of documentation for the purchase of materials and cost optimization;
  • Analysis of processes and flows;
  • Development of an online software dedicated to the issue and monitoring of the issue of material requirements;
  • Coordination with engineering and suppliers in the analysis of technical choices on materials;
  • Supporting the monitoring of expediters for the reminder to suppliers;
  • Contact person for construction sites in solving problems concerning materials;
  • Monitoring of the work program for compliance with the deadlines agreed with the Customer.

Below you will find our main areas of activity to provide you with a first orientation on the services we offer.

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