Processi sicuri in azienda con la procedura batch Excel-Autocad

The batch procedure arises from the need to automate a business process in which the user of the technical office, starting from an excel sheet processed by the management system, opens, one by one, all the list drawings, and searches and replaces the word in the drawing. key indicated in a column of the excel sheet

The software allows the technical office NOT to have to perform these tedious, risky and time-consuming operations, taking energy away from the design.

The plug-in for Autodesk AUTOCAD 2012 AUTOMATICALLY reads the color data of various pieces from the Excel sheet and writes them into the corresponding AutoCAD drawings instead of the texts identified with keywords and / or based on the position on the drawing. The texts can be block texts or attributes on the drawing or block texts in the drawing.

At the end of the procedure the drawings are saved in the chosen format and the user is presented with a report with the results

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