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Building Information Modeling or its acronym BIM, translates into Building Information Model. In reality, BIM applies not only to buildings but to construction in general, including infrastructure.

The BIM world is vast and complex and developing a BIM project to be able to work abroad, public administrations and for large project calls, implies investments in programs, staff training and skills which are not always followed by a return immediate, if not for the fact of saying to work in BIM.

SCT Informatica has already created the CAD2REVIT module for the cleanroom sector, which allows you to export the drawing made with IDMCAD cleanroom from the DWG format into an XML metaformat.
From REVIT it is possible through the Plugin CAD2REVIT to recreate in “objects” (families) REVIT, therefore BIM, all the entities drawn in AUTOCAD.

It is then possible to both share the drawing in REVIt format and use the REVIT function to generate the IFC file.

The mechanism can be extended to any AUTOCAD format in input.

Through an analysis of the design methods in use in the company, the interchange file will be created, the REVIT families and the plugin will allow to “convert” the CAD entities into REVIT families.

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