Dott. Ing.

Director of SCT Informatica

He began his experience in SAE as an EDP manager and for over 40 years he has been dealing with issues related to the world of CAD production and design.

He faced and proposed innovative solutions in all industrial and construction sectors and was project manager in the project for the construction of the new gate tower coordinating the companies involved, the client and the end customer.

Dott. Ing.

Partner and on the board of directors of SCT computer science, he has been the technical manager of software developments and the Research and Development area for years. Thanks to his deep knowledge of geometric mathematics, he is able to solve optimization problems and algorithms for both 2D and 3D design.

Dott. Ing.

Graduated with full marks in information science from Bicocca University. He took the qualification to become a computer engineer.

He is on the board of directors of SCT informatica and is responsible for managing software projects and main products.

With more than 10 years of experience in the development of solutions for the technical-industrial sector, he deals with the design of software architectures and is able to follow the entire life cycle from analysis to delivery of both small and medium-sized projects and more structured, interacting with all the figures involved in this process and coordinating the development team to get to the release and testing of the software.

Strong interest in innovative solutions and highly technical customizations on Autodesk products and engineering programs for calculation and dimensioning and optimization algorithms.

Dott. Ing.

He graduated in Computer Engineering at the Politecnico di Milano in 2012.

He joined SCT in the same year and immediately began to take care of the ImballiCAD project, a project that he still follows both for maintenance and development, and also for customer assistance and training with them.

He also takes care, among other programs, of those that interface, for vector graphics, with CorelDRAW.


He began his experience in SCT during his thesis on the development of the design software for electrical pylons and continued with the design of overhead contact lines and high-speed piling.

Now he is in charge of the cleanroom and perimeter fencing projects.


Developer of software solutions in the CAD environment (and not only). It autonomously manages projects from development to release and testing. It integrates the solutions by interfacing with third parties such as machinery builders, management managers, etc.

He is responsible for IDMCAD products, electrical substations and IDMCAD aspirations.

It provides the first technical-system assistance to customers.

Dott. Ing.

Graduated from the Milan Polytechnic, he has been in the company for some years and is responsible for both the electrical panel design and also the algorithms for calculating packaging.

He also deals with related issues and post-processors for laser machines.


Graduated in computer science at the Badoni Institute in Lecco, she deals with the development of customized applications in the .NET environment on SQL server and sqilte databases. Result-oriented, she faces with passion and with a smile, the challenges that she faces every day and solves problems with brilliant solutions.


Administrative technician deals with the economic part of the company and the management of software licenses. It is the “voice” of SCT informatica and provides the first help-desk support to customers.


Experienced administrative employee. You take care of the economic part and the management of the company’s personnel.


Sales specialist on ImballiCAD + product and first technical support for customers.


Foreign sales representative for the PackDesign product.


Long experience senior sales representative for IDMCAD and the Cleanroom product.


Collaborator who is responsible for following the ad-hoc developments of both CAD-side applications and calculation and optimization software.


Graduating in information sciences, he manages Research and Development projects.

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