The ImballiCAD + software for the design of industrial wooden packaging was born in 2010 and perhaps it was not even called ImballICAD but this is another story …

From the experience of SCT informatica in the CAD sector combined with the needs of the industrial packaging sector and after a careful analysis of the requirements, the first ImballiCAD release took shape to help operators in the sector to design crates, cages and pallets and extract automatically the technical sheet for the production and the estimate.

Over the years various functions have been added such as 3D drawing, cutting list extraction, CAM extraction for nailing and cutting machines, FITOK registers and integrations with various management systems.

The important step was the agreement with Federlegno arredo in 2018 and realized with the contribution of RilegnoConlegno and FederlegnoArredo to create a single software called ImballiCAD + and formed by Pack + and ImballiCAD that combines the CAD functions of ImballiCAD with the calculation engine of PAck + certified by ASACERT according to UNI9153.

Here you can read the main features of the ImballiCAD + software and here the news in English on the agreement with federlegno.

The product is now a reference standard for the Italian market and marketing has begun also abroad under the name of PackDesign where companies from Australia, Spain, India and Singapore are already users of the ImballiCAD system.

The software is in continuous development and new features have recently been added such as the FITOK web integration module and bill-invoices.

After a great work of tests and verifications, the software for the design and calculation of industrial packaging “Pack +” by Federlegno Arredo Eventi and created with the contribution of Rilegno, Conlegno and FederlegnoArredo, is the first product that has obtained the certification of calculation engine in accordance with 9151-3 standard.

The software offers various functions such as the 2D and 3D graphic representation of the project, the creation of production documents (cutting and assembly), data extraction for the automatic cutting, drilling and nailing machines and execution of the loading / unloading movements of the warehouse, in addition to the management of projects (offers, orders, orders) and FitOK registers (7.1, 7.2, 7.2b) and their easy online compilation.

All companies with active licenses of existing software “ImballiCAD” and “Pack +”, will be able to evaluate the opportunity to implement the functionality of the respective software with those of the new “ImballiCAD +”.

Federlegno Arredo Eventi spa, owner of “Pack +” and Sct informatica srl, owner of the “ImballiCAD” software, have signed an agreement to collaborate in the joint development of the new product to propose a complete solution to packers.

The software combines the functionality of a design system in AutoCad and the calculation and certified structural verification of the packaging according to UNI 9151-3 of “Pack +”.

The product can be used and purchased in modules and can be customized according to the needs of the packer.

Xylon n°2 March-April 2018

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