Sostituzione rapida in modalità "batch" in più file DWG

The program created by SCT informatica, as an application for Autodesk Autocad, allows at the same time in multiple DWG drawings, saved in a folder, to automatically replace texts starting from data contained in an Excel sheet or in a database.

In detail, the steps that the program performs are the following:
• Reads the list of designs to be handled and the data to be replaced associated with each design from Excel / database
• Search the AutoCAD drawing for the field to be updated. It is important to note that the field is also searched in a NON


structured, i.e. reading the whole drawing and analyzing all the texts / data found until the corresponding field is found.
• Writes on each drawing, in the field corresponding to the configured value, the data coming from the Excel or the database
• Writes what has been done to a LOG file
• Report any failures
The procedure was created ad-hoc for a particular request but can be extended and modified according to specific needs.
It is possible to read the data from any database (mySQL, SQL server, SQLite, ORACLE, ect) and it is possible to replace any data within the DWG, as long as it is identified by the type of entity (block, text, attribute, ect), by the color or by the layer or by the possible characteristics of an Autocad object.
Search filters can also be combined and it is also possible to replace entire blocks while preserving the contents of the original block attributes.

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