Configuratore Web

The WEB Configurator developed by SCT INFORMATICA is oriented to the automatic and parametric generation of 2D / 3D technical drawings representing company products.

How does it work:

  • The customer connects to the company’s website and sets the product he wants to obtain through guided masks
  • The data is validated according to a set of predefined “rules”.
  • The configurator processes the product based on the set data, generates the 2D / 3D drawings in a parametric way and returns the file in the format requested by the customer (DWG, PDF, SAT, etc)

The web configurator can then be used:

  • as a service to the customer who can use the design within his own project and verify the possibility of use
  • as a support to the sales process as together with the drawing it is possible to automatically generate the quote
  • in the sales network in order to generate an order
  • to “streamline” the work of the technical office which will thus be able to devote more time and resources to important and special projects.

The configurator can be used to generate drawings of “simple” products such as tools such as cutters, drills, burins or drawings of more complex products such as hydraulic cylinders or cardboard boxes up to extremely complex products rich in details such as electrical cabins in reinforced concrete or perimeter security fences.

For more information, please contact or the telephone number : 0341 42 29 29.

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