Progetto Tower Design

The software consists of three modules:

The program allows, in the context of the design of lattice structures for the transport of high and medium voltage energy, through an easy user interface, the creation of three-dimensional single-wire structures on which the operator can apply various load hypotheses in different directions ( x, y, z), subjecting the structure thus obtained to a structural calculation of verification in linear or non-linear modality.
The processing results are dynamically viewable / exportable in AutoCad / Inventor, with the ability to graphically highlight the various efforts present in the auctions.

The software provides the operator with software tools to design the mooring, suspension and V-shaped chains and check the distances for the electrical francs.
The design system makes use of internal automatic logics and guided manual commands for the construction of the various elements, uses easy editing functions to finalize the project and exploits all the graphic potential of Autocad / Inventor to complete the technical presentation of the drawings.
Summing up:

  • quickly builds and dresses the 3d model of the pole.
  • inserts special elements, attachments and insulators
  • calculate safety distances.
  • create drawing boards with appropriate views.

To complete the design, the system offers the possibility of producing construction drawings. The following procedures, built on the standards that are the basis of the design, are intended to guide the drafting of the tables and to allow the dimensional and formal control of the structural parts of the pole.
The main features are:

  • design in Autocad / Inventor environment with customized and simple functions for its construction
  • possibility of importing the project diagram: insertion of the diagram in Autocad directly from the project
  • dressing of the diagram: functions for dressing the uprights, the construction of the joints and the definition of the main truschini
  • drawing of the trunk
  • “guided” construction of 2d tables of construction drawings: functions that allow the operator to layout and complete the drawings tables
  • automatic control functions that check all the technical and constructive parameters of the table
  • extraction of project data for automatic operating machines

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