The Autocad-based program supports users of the technical office in designing displays and furniture making the review process easy and error-free.
The software allows the user to create a facilitated table setting, an automatic compilation of the title block, and a rectangular nesting for the simulation of yields.

The solids can be drawn directly in CAD or imported as xrefs from Rhino (through an ad-hoc plugin that allows you to export DWGs) or from Autodesk Inventor (in iam / ipt format).

Once the 3D objects have been imported, the user has custom palettes available:


The main operations are:

  • import geometry
  • 3d Exploded view
  • marking
  • Extraction of boards
  • External Oriz / Vert: they are used for setting the position and its small parts for external processing, they differ in the type of title block.
  • Horiz / Vert assembly: they are used for drawing up the positions selected for the generation of the assembly, they differ in the type of title block.
  • Internal Oriz: it is used to lay out the detail that will be produced internally.
  • Int. complex: it is used for drawing up some more elaborate internal processes that require the use of views.
  • Additions
  • 2D nesting
  • Yield / Mark Yield
  • DXF extraction
  • Extraction of NC files for Laser

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