Commesse e costi

The ORDERS and COSTS program allows you to easily manage production orders and record the actual production times directly from the various departments and then calculate the costs.

The software offers tools for cost estimation and comparison with final costs. Simple production planning is also possible. Are available:

  • order management
  • production planning
  • preventive cost analysis
  • final balance of times based on order and processing phase
  • report and comparison between budget and final balance

From the graphic interface it is possible to access the sections:

  • Job List
  • Creation of a new order
  • Planning
  • Order report
  • Production report

The final balance takes place through a simple graphic interface and can be done by different devices according to the type of production and / or department. In particular:

  • from pc
  • from touch screen monitors
  • with barcode reader
  • via RFID technology



Finally a simple tool, without infinite functions that are never used, which will allow you to manage the entire production chain, from quotation to delivery, with greater control and savings in time and money.

  • For all entrepreneurs who want to know the actual production costs of orders in real time without having to wait for the annual reports.
  • You can keep production costs under control and work knowing your operating margin.
  • You will be able to reduce waste and understand which steps have the greatest impact on costs


Department by department, employee by employee, only the information strictly necessary for your work is proposed and displayed in order to avoid errors by the operator.

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