IdmCAD Stalle

IDMcad Stalle is the design program dedicated in particular to the design of stables (pigs and cattle), in the construction of tanks, silos and channels in reinforced concrete.

  • Manage Projects (offers-orders)
  • Support the design in an AutoCAD environment and the preparation of modular prefabricated concrete elements such as walls, partitions, gratings and accessories in the agricultural, industrial and ecological sectors.
  • Prepare operational management documentation. The software allows you to start production downstream of the design, deriving the technical and management documentation. Using the potential of Autocad it is possible to extract views, sections and details of details.
  • Production balance sheets, Preparation and printing of the D.d.T, Warehouse management and management of the CA declaration.
  • Loading list optimized based on shipments and material to be loaded

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