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The IDM CAD / CAM CUTTING software allows the fast and easy translation into ISO language of cutting paths created in the AutoCad environment (DWG, DXF, CF2), according to the standards required by the controls on the market for machines of plasma, laser, blade and waterjet cutting. The graphic environment allows immediate productivity with simple masks for the management of cutting parameters through technological tables.

Controls and Functions

A series of translation filters allows drawings from sources outside the company to be brought back to the standards envisaged by the program. It is able to handle complex curves (splines, polylines). It has features that simplify fragmented drawings. It optimally handles texts such as outline, centerline, from library. A simulator visually checks the cutting paths.


For productions with a high number of pieces there is an Automatic Nesting module fully integrated with the tool paths generated by the basic module. Automatic calculation of the position of the fittings after optimization. Multi-sheet management and different types of interlocking of the pieces on the Nesting table on a partially used table and from the warehouse.


The software technologies allow you to cut any type of material by setting the type of tool in the post processor set-up. In particular, it is possible to use cutters, oscillators, blades, lasers, etc.

More Autodesk AutoCad

The supply is developed on the Autocad graphic engine and allows you to import native DWGs and produce Output in all formats necessary for machine control.


The outputs are generated to measure by SCT INFORMATICA through the creation of Post Processors associated with the cutting machine.

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