Progetto IDM Pipe

The program assists the design and tracing of the components that make up an industrial plant consisting of CHANNELS and PIPES, JOINTS, FITTINGS, SHUT-OFF ORGANS, ACCESSORIES and OTHER ELEMENTS that connect machinery and takes care of the extraction of the bills.

The design system makes use of parametric drawing tools, functions with internal automatic logics and guided manual commands for the construction of the various elements.

It also uses easy and guided editing functions to finalize the project and exploits all the graphic potential of Autocad to complete the technical presentation of the drawings.

In addition to geometry, each object is associated with technical information through attributes; the attributes contain a description of the data relating to the object, such as the element code and the material used in the metric calculation form. To create the lists, the user will have the appropriate commands available. The program calculates the quantity of components and generates the report in Autocad tables that can be exported in Excel format.

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