Progetto Pareti Vetrate

The program takes care of the design and installation of modular glass walls, doors, profiles and office accessories according to the methods and standards defined by the customer.

It is a design system that uses a 3D cad equipped with parametric drawing tools, functions with its internal automatic logics and guided manual controls for the construction and assembly of the various elements.

The Procedure in the CAD environment will allow the user to draw lines / polylines that identify the walls and will automatically translate them into glass panels and 3D profiles with the appropriate tracing rules.

The program allows you to:

  • View the project in axonometric 3D as, during the tracing phase, the height of the wall was declared. It is to be foreseen whether all the walls must have the same height or different heights.
  • Derive the front views quoted for each wall in the CAD environment, issued in the format for approval and assembly.
  • Extract the data of panels, nodes and doors to the Excel.

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