IdmCAD Cam Taglio

The software allows you to create machine files for making beams.

It is developed from two main modules.

The first is a module in the Autocad environment that allows you to:

The button allows the extraction of data from the 3D cad drawing and is done from within AutoCAD. The command extracts the data in the filing table.
Therefore, once the data has been extracted from the drawing, they appear in the filing mask for a check and for the subsequent transfer to production.
The drawing must be positioned in the CAD in the following way making the lower left corner coincide with the point 0,0.

The second is the filing module. The latter has two main functions:

  1. Insert / View / Modify part data
  2. Extracting files in .CSV format for the machine.

The purpose of the filing is to describe the positions of the HOLES and of the MARKING for each piece.
In the mask, the design is the mark of the piece. The other data length, width, height and thickness describe the geometry of the part.

The data that define an operation are:

  • the wing number (see figure for coding)
  • the progressive X, with respect to the zero at the bottom left of the front view of the piece. the same for the other wings.
  • The operation, the operation code associated with processing P (for punching – default), M (for marking whose position is not currently controlled on the machine).
  • The diameter 17 or 115 (the possible diameters described in the punching table).
  • The gauge (according to the conventions shown in the diagram on the side).

Checks in data entry:

  • The measurement of the station cannot exceed the length of the piece.
  • The gauge must be within the dimensions of the core and the flange.

The save button creates a .csv file with the same name as the drawing containing the machine instructions for handling the wagons of the profiler and saved in a temporary folder.
NB: The filing data described above according to the selected operating modes can be entered manually in the mask or can be extracted directly from the drawing.

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