Nesting 2D

The 2D Nesting software automatically and quickly allows the optimal use of large or small size sheet metal during the insertion of shapes of any geometry. Its mathematical algorithms allow a significant saving of the material used. After defining the dimensions of the sheet metal to be used, the direction of the nesting, the distance between the shapes, the angle of rotation allowed and having selected the drawings to be nested, the Nesting function allows to obtain the optimized positioning on the all the shapes chosen for processing. The procedure at the end of the execution will highlight any inconsistencies or overruns of limits found during the nesting calculation. The drawing file format can be DWG, DXF, etc.
More operational freedom

At the end of the automatic processing it is still possible to carry out manual modifications to the nesting result by moving, rotating, etc. one or more shapes with the Autocad commands. It is also possible to insert bridges between the shapes simply by drawing a junction line between the shapes.

The acquisition by the software involves the loading of the data relating to the shapes in the format DWG, DXF, PLT, etc. and preparation for subsequent nesting processing. In particular, the data are normalized with functions of Smooting, Collinearity reduction, filleting and recognition of shapes and holes (internal and external cutting paths are defined). Management of the trimming on a previously nestat sheet.

The supply is developed on the Autocad graphics engine and produces native Dwg.

Multi-sheet nesting also with different formats.

Nesting on non-rectangular sheet and containing holes.

Nesting with perforated shapes to be filled.

No limitations in the complexity of the geometry of the sheets and shapes.

Definition of cutter radius compensation.

Incremental nesting on partially nested sheets.

Prioritization to nest more critical parts.

Different angle of rotation for each input part.

Control of the direction and angle of the nesting.

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