The IMBALLICAD program allows you to quickly and guided design of industrial wooden packaging, such as crates, crates and pallets with all construction elements and accessories service and to automatically derive the perspective drawings and executive drawings in DWG format, the lists in Excel format, the estimate in WORD format. For more detailed information go to the product site by clicking here .

The design software allows you to create and manage all types of industrial wood packaging:

– 2 and 4-way pallets with free marking

– Cases of different types (normal UNI10858, French, Square head, Refractories, folding, etc.)

– Cages with full bottom and lists

– Customized products: through a spreadsheet the user can create his own PACKAGING and automatically import it into the CAD

The industrial packaging program allows you to manage:

– Offers and Orders

– Customer records and price lists

– Production Cards

– Materials summary and cutting sheet

– Estimation of production costs

– FitOK register with direct integration to the fitokweb portal

– Calculation and verification according to UNI9151: 2016

– Accessories management

– CONAI wood and plastic calculation

– Management of saddles and lifting standards

– Personalized reports in excel, pdf and word format.

The design and budgeting takes place in distinct phases:

– Definition of geometry and project data

– Automatic creation of the 3D model in Autocad environment

– Print Drawings, Perspective Views and Machining Sheets automatically dimensioned

– Check structural sizing of the bottom, sides, lid (UNI 9151 standard)

– Automatic calculation of all the data necessary for the estimate (cubic meters, surface, volume, weight and additional materials: nails, bolts, brackets, etc.) and derivation of the estimate in Word and PDF format.

– Automatic optimization of the cut with automatic derivation of the cut list and calculation of the scraps.

By taking advantage of the flexibility of AUTOCAD and the DWG format, it is always possible to modify the input data entered, regenerate the drawing or intervene on the drawing to make changes.

Furthermore, thanks to the potential of CAD, the user can:

– Open and edit all files in DWG, DXF and SAT format

– Use the AUTOCAD functions to calculate the center of gravity

– Use the AUTOCAD RENDER to create a realistic packaging design

– Share files in DWG format thanks to the AUTODESK 360 ° platform



Finally a complete tool, without rental fees , which will allow you to manage the entire production chain, from quotation to delivery, with greater control and savings in time and money.

  • For all entrepreneurs who have to continually run from the workshop to the office without a breather
  • No more misunderstandings with end customers. You will always be prepared and with every answer ready
  • You can keep production costs under control and work knowing your operating margin.


How many times have you received a request for a quick quote and do not know how to pack and always have to contact the technical department, the owner or the production? Or, even worse, approximate a cost on experience or in spans? With IMBALLICAD you will be able to respond quickly and precisely to the requests of your customers and be independent and not have to “disturb” production or owner as they are sure of the packaging made both in terms of technical and economic feasibility.


The flexibility and power of IMBALLICAD allows those who design wooden packaging to quickly develop and verify the new packaging and add it to the prototypes used in the company. With packaging NEVER more closed technology where you cannot intervene or a complicated or not very usable graphic interface but with a simple Excel you will be able to create your own Packaging. Once in AUTOCAD you can always intervene by exploiting the immense possibilities that only an original Autodesk CAD provides, without going through rough graphic interfaces. You can also work on the 3D model and check the structural seal of the PACKAGING.


Imballicad gives the possibility to operate with the certainty of the result as the processing cards are automatically generated by the software and with all the dimensions and lists necessary to work at their best.

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