IDMcad studio 2020 LT (Industry design and management) is a software for 2D dedicated design especially for manufacturing companies and technical studios operating in the mechanical and construction sector.

The IDMCAD software quickly solves all the problems that often occur when you have to print many documents from different sources and formats. There are no longer any limits related to the original layout of the drawing. In total freedom it is possible to change and / or combine the different setting parameters of the drawings to be printed, thus obtaining a sequential printing of all the selected tables in a quick and safe way.

Provides compatibility with native format .dwg files.

Unlike AutoCAD®, it cannot be used with other applications, whether they are self-made or by third parties, whether they are run in AutoLisp, in ObjectARX or with other programming languages.

IDMCAD Studio includes a number of additional modules:

  • Batch Print: The function allows the management and control of printing multiple Dwg / Dxf files with the possibility of setting or calculating the print modes (Device, Format, Styles, Orientation, etc.) “at the time of printing “, regardless of how the drawings were previously saved
  • Express tool: library of productivity tools


  • New Palette Blocks to insert them starting from a list of recent uses, displayed in special collections
  • Quick measurement with the simple mouse hover for measurements between contiguous elements of the drawing
  • Improved DWG comparison
  • Delete command redesigned
  • Improved performance
  • New dark theme to reduce eyestrain

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