IdmCad Scaffalature

The 3D shelving software allows the estimation and design of various types of shelving such as Cantilever, Light Cantilever, Pallet Rack and Mrx-Mrv, etc.
The software is aimed both at the company’s salespeople who need to perform a quick estimate with an associated precise technical drawing that illustrates the geometry of the product, both for the technical office and starting from the salesman’s offer, they may already have the technical drawing and of the bill for production.
The user, using guided screens, configures the product by entering the characteristic data: type, length, height, number of columns, number of shelves, etc. The software automatically extracts the quote in excel and PDF format.
Once the guided estimation has been completed, the system passes the information to Autocad / Inventor which automatically generates the 3D drawing of the structure and the layouts with the front and plan views and the axonometric view.

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