IdmCad Quadri Elettrici

The software is a product “configurator”. It allows the design of the support structure in carpentry and the tracing of the power supply systems of the electrical panels. The procedure automatically and flexibly reconstructs the front panel and prepares the operational technical documentation for production.

The user has customized commands available that allow him to:


– New project creation: the user accesses the projects screen and creates a new project indicating the final customer and description of the panel
– DWG opening: the user opens the DWG file associated with the drawing
– Panel data set-up: the user accesses the mask where he sets the data relating to the geometric and electrical characteristics of the panel
– Insertion of the Switch List: starting from the electrical diagram of the panel, the user selects the necessary switches by selecting based on the characteristics of the brand, type, phase and size.

“DEVELOPMENT” of the Project from the FRONT FRAMEWORK

– Insertion of switches: by dragging in drag & amp; drop mode from the list of switches, the user will insert the switches one at a time in the columns of the front of the panel. The minimum cell and the switch position (deviations) in the cell are defined in a table in the database and can be customized by the user.
– Inserting columns and cells: the user using the tool palettes can insert columns and cells such as modular, blind, by instrument, etc.
– Inserting tools and modules: the user using the tool palettes can insert the modular tools into the cells.
– Insertion of elements not on drawing but only as article codes
– Edit commands: the user will have the ability to move columns, cells, and delete the elements on the drawing

QUOTE: automatic processing of the estimate

Automatic derivation and relative printing of:
– Picture front with cartouche: as per model
– Excel bill: components summary
– Bottom and Sheet Layout: use of the rules currently in use for the creation of files with the UNFOLD of the sheets and related perforations with DXF extraction

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