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The program assists in the design and design of the components that make up an industrial suction system composed of CHANNELS and PIPES, JOINTS, FITTINGS, VACUUMS, ACCESSORIES and OTHER ELEMENTS that connect Machinery and takes care of the extraction of the bills.

The 3D design system makes use of parametric drawing tools, functions with internal automatic logic and guided manual commands for the construction of the various elements.

In particular the software:

– Supports the technical user in the design of suction systems (internal layout) through a 3D SINGLE-WIRE diagram

– Performs the calculation of flow rate and pressure drops

– Draw the system in 3D

– Automatically derives the production bills and technical sheets for the pieces made in the workshop.

The main features of the system are:

  • Ease of use
  • AutoCAD OEM based Graphics Engine
  • Flexibility
  • Extensibility of libraries by the dynamic user
  • Support of all CAD formats such as DWG, DXF, PDF

The system can be configured through an archive with which the user can manage:

  • Attachment point archive tables
    • Machinery
    • Arms [+ CAD blocks]
    • Hoods [+ CAD blocks]
  • Pollutants table
  • Tubes Table (Material, Diameter, thickness, lengths, ect)
  • Curve Table
  • Accessories Tables
    • Shutters [+ CAD blocks]
    • Flanges [+ CAD blocks]
    • Detectors [+ CAD blocks]
  • Branch Parameters Table
  • Default Parameter Table

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