Procedura per la stampa etichette da AUTOCAD

The procedure carried out by SCT allows you to reread the data entered in DWG drawings, such as attributes in the blocks, texts on layers, etc. and send them to the print for the labels by creating the file in the desired format for the label printer (eg Excel, Word, Csv , Txt or dedicated format)

In this development, the procedure type is used to print the labels of the electrical components by re-reading them from the wiring diagram in DWG format and creating the printouts so that the component on the electrical panel can be uniquely identified.

The command, created within Autodesk Autocad, can work both in manual and automatic mode.

In the first case, the user chooses the destination folder, the number of labels to be printed and selects the block that represents the component within the DWG. The data to be passed to the print functions are searched for and read in the attributes. The attributes to be used are configured in the program settings.

In automatic mode, the user indicates through the configuration mask the layers, blocks and attributes that he wants to use for printing, and selects the folder where there are the drawings from which to extract the labels. The program automatically opens all the drawings and reads the data again, passing them to the printer.

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