Imballicad "parla" con la produzione!

The new ImballiCAD module has been released, which allows you to connect the cutting and nailing list with the relative numerical control machines in the department.

ImballiCAD automatically prepares the necessary data according to “recipes that can be set by the user, and via the network or with a USB key transfers them directly to the machine with all the information necessary to cut or nail the pieces.

This module in the advanced version also allows, on cutting machines, to manage the position of the nodes of the tables and the optimization of the material on the same (nesting).
The operator no longer has to manually enter the data that arrives from the design office, risking to get some numbers wrong, but he finds the same already entered on the control panel of the miter saw or nailer. A quick check and then a click and that’s it.

Cutting and bolting has never been easier.
Less waste, fewer errors, less costs and higher quality.

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