IMBALLICAD: Gestione Consuntivi e Report

The IMBALLICAD module was developed for the management of final balances and production reports. The software is divided into two parts: one dedicated to production and one for administration.

In the PRODUCTION module the input masks are designed for a touch screen to be installed in the production department and which will automatically transfer the data to the central database. The software will allow the user in the ward to:

– enter the hours worked divided by activity and job order.

– view the hours and jobs entered

– perform material unloading and package management

The administration module will allow the owners / administrators to always have under control the progress of the orders and the reports relating to production. In particular:

– Total hours per order and product

– final balance by operator

– final balance by product

– batch / order register for the FITOK

It is also possible to create customized reports according to the needs of the administration.

For more information on the design activity, please contact or the telephone number: 0341-422929.

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