Imballicad si integra con i principali gestionali e sistemi ERP

The ImballiCAD “Export” module has been released, which allows you to create a transit archive containing all the data necessary to feed the company management system.

It is possible to define the degree of detail of the data to be shared: from the finished article to the single component (material or accessory) used.
The shared data can feed bills, orders, warehouse etc.
Each item (packaging) produced in ImballiCAD can be associated with its bill of materials, accessories and costs.

In the estimation phase, however, it is always possible to customize the standard data associated with the packaging, adding or removing materials, accessories, costs, etc.
The selectable options allow you to choose the formats already prepared for some management packages on the market (Mago, Arca, etc.) or to generate a “neutral” file with the standard data that are needed downstream of the management system.

Zero waste of time and risk of errors: from the project to the invoice with a click!

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