One Team Extension 2017

SCT participates in the One Team Conference 2017 event which took place from 18 to 20 April in the city of Berlin.

The conference showed Autodesk partners what commercial policies are for the near future. In particular, the attention was focused on the development of the new Autodesk cloud platforms such as Forge with, however, always an eye on native applications such as Autocad, Autocad OEM, Inventor, ect.

The importance of integration between these two worlds has been greatly emphasized: native desktop applications and the cloud world.

In the exhibition area we were also able to appreciate the latest news regarding virtual reality, augmented reality, data acquisition systems such as scanners and drones, i.e. all the innovations related to Industry 4.0.

Precisely in light of the enthusiasm, strength and support shown by Autodesk, we can propose ourselves as the ideal partner in the AEC and manufacturing sectors for the development of applications based on both products such as AutoCad, AutoCad OEM, Inventor and Revit and for integration with Cloud applications. of the Autodesk world, and beyond.

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