The procedure allows you to choose the type of cabinet / cash desk to use and, after inserting it on the drawing, allow the user to quickly and easily insert the drilling templates side by side.

The drilling templates can be:

  • Geometric:
    • Square
    • Round
    • Rectangular
  • From accessories:
    • torrini
    • ventilation
  • User customizable

The software automatically recognizes the dimensions of each hole and interior of the panel and enables insertion only when there are no intersections between holes and between dimensions.

All the masks are saved in a library that can be expanded both by the user when the installation DVD is released, and by the end user who can create their own drilling standards.
The insertion will be done via drag & amp; drop and mechanisms will be created to facilitate the insertion such as SNAP and dynamic quotas displayed already during the insertion phase.
At the end of the procedure, a layout will be extracted with the layout for each side including the quota.
It will be possible to extract the file in DXF format for each side.

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