Integrazione Cabine CAD - Software per il calcolo Strutturale

The cabin generation software is able to extract the 3D drawing of the cabin in a format that can be imported and interpreted by the structural calculation software.

The extracted dwg is composed of polylines and circumferences that describe walls and holes.
The polylines have been generated on the center of gravity (at half thickness) of the solid and each of them is on a predetermined layer in order to facilitate the recognition of the faces.

In addition, significant points are inserted that represent the connections between the various components of the cabin: wall – wall, wall – roof, wall – foundation, etc …

At this point the user does not have to completely reconstruct the drawing but only import the dwg extracted previously. The latter has all the features necessary to proceed with the polishing of the faces, perform the various meshes, set all types of loads and perform structural verification.

The structural calculation software creates the different output files with all the checks performed.

The verification mechanism can also be expanded in other sectors, where starting from a 3D DWG file, the user wants to carry out the structural verification of the designed system.

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