3D PDF module for IDM-CAD 2016 is available which allows users to share their 3D models in the popular PDF format starting from the DWG drawing.

It is possible to easily create stunning templates for use in 3D PDF format.

After activating the plugin, it automatically registers itself within IDM-CAD, and adds a new PDF Export button in the PDF3D tab in AutoCAD.
Before exporting the PDF file, the user will be able to select a template to use in exporting PDF files.
3D PDF is the best way to share 3D models with users without risking the loss of their details and without the end user having installed a CAD or DWG viewer.
The recipient of the file will only need a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader (which is already installed on most Windows and Mac machines).
Here you can download an example by saving the file (right click, save as …) and opening it with your Acrobat reader.

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