Consuntivo Ore

The program for the final balance of hours was designed and created with the aim of monitoring and optimizing all the administrative and production processes of a company.

The program allows you to check the hours spent by the staff in a given order: from design to production and assembly.

Each company operator (Sales, Designer, Worker, Fitter …) can be equipped with this hours transmission tool.

In this way, the control between the estimate and the actual cost of the order is simple and effective.

The program is also equipped with a mask for entering the hours compatible with a touch screen and / or a web portal to enter the hours.

For this it is possible to install it directly in the production departments, optimizing the entry of the hours of each individual worker without using paper sheets and without the repetition of data between the worker and the head of staff.

The functionality is simple and intuitive: you select the name of the operator and enter the relative password, you indicate the work carried out, you select the products of the orders worked, you indicate the hours and by clicking the “Send” button it is transmitted to the server the activity carried out is central.

The server can analyze the data by extracting them in reports divided by order or by type of processing.

The data relating to orders, pieces to be produced, customer, type of processing are extracted from the CAD and the management system through other applications created by SCT.

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