Progettazione famiglie REVIT per catalogo web

More and more often, for the manufacturers of products that are used in larger plants, it happens to have the need to share, in electronic and BIM format, the “intelligent” designs of their products. It is necessary to use a universal data interchange format and for this reason REVIT product families have been created which are in effect BIM “objects”.

In this case they are diffusers of different shape and functionality with the relative parameters associated with the air diffusion systems.
The families have different geometric variants: number of cracks, number of diffusion lines, dimensions. For each geometric variant (minimum and maximum distance from the ground, pressure drop, sound power level …) the parameters change according to the air flow.
The elements are made with connectors that can be used to hook them to the ducts.

The work involved an in-depth study of the type of product and both geometric and design characteristics. Now the customer can publish REVIT and therefore also IFC models for BIM compatibility in his own reserved area of ​​the site, which the end user can use within his own projects.

This better collaboration with designers, who have the BIM model of the product available with a simple click, brings benefits both in terms of image and economic return.

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