Cam per foratrice

Developed and released the customized Cam Software for upright drilling machine capable of converting the previous technical data to adapt them to the new format envisaged and setting up a function with an interactive interface to automatically describe and build the new commands and work instructions on the uprights .
The software provides the following functions:
– New File / Opening / Saving files in .CSV format for the machine.
– Inserting / Viewing / Editing of the piece data
– Sending files to the machine with FTP protocol
– Data recovery points directly from the machine

The purpose of the software is to describe the positions of the HOLES on the 4 faces for each piece.
The data that define an operation are:
– Section, Thickness, Length, Foot of the Piece
– Face (A, B, C, D)
– Diameter with dimension (X, Y). X = progressive along the length with respect to zero at the bottom left on the foot of the piece and Y = position with respect to the axis of the face of the upright.
– Drill and Carriage associated with drilling

Checks during data entry:
– The measurement of the progressive X cannot exceed the length of the piece taking into account a MINIMUM CLAMP value.
– The hole must be within the dimensions of the sides of the upright taking into account the maximum TRUSCHINO.
– The holes must not overlap by checking the MINIMUM PITCH between the holes
– The maximum number of holes per side foreseen by the interchange file is 25.
– Each carriage / tip cannot be associated with different diameters.

.Csv file derivation
– The SAVE button creates a .csv file with the same name as the job, containing the machine instructions and saved in a temporary folder.
– The file is sent to the machine via the FTP protocol

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