Software CAD/CAM per gestione Profilatrice

The software allows you to manage production with the profiling machine by managing orders and the generation of the CAM. The CAM for the profiling machine can be powered in two ways: an automatic one by extracting the data directly from the 3D drawing and a manual one through the cataloging software. The CAM can be adapted according to the technical specifications of the profiler.

A command has been created in the AUTOCAD module that automatically extracts the data relating to the web, wings and holes with relative dimensions. By positioning the 3D drawn beam in 0,0,0, the SCT software re-reads the geometric characteristics of the IPE beam and saves the data with measurements and stations in the database.

The filing module has two functions:

– View / insert / modify piece data

– Extraction of files in .CSV format

The user can manually, through a simple graphic editor, edit the characteristics of the beam.

Each piece sent into production is identified by its brand (drawing) and by the project number (order). To execute the pieces on the profiling machine, the production program must be prepared. This operation consists in selecting the .CSV files generated by the cataloging and inserting them in the production plan. Through a key the files to be produced are selected and after having specified the belonging project and the quantity it is possible, with the export key, to bring the dbf file to the PC in production.

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