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SCT informatica, in the course of over 20 years of experience, has analyzed, studied solutions and implemented software in every phase of the company life and in various sectors, from cleanrooms to industrial packaging, from overhead lines to railways to laser cutting software.

The vital flow of manufacturing companies starts from the budgeting phase and ends with the shipment of the goods.

In the budgeting phase, each company uses its own system, more or less standardized, ranging from Excel sheets to solutions integrated with the management system or more complex mechanisms such as PDM. At this stage it is already possible to create a flow of information that takes the data from the estimate to the CAD drawing or vice versa.
In fact, some companies need to design with CAD systems to derive the estimate while other companies can use a product configurator from which to generate both the estimate and the 2D or 3D CAD drawing.

SCT is able to create procedures integrated with the management software to support the user in the design or to integrate the company’s ad-hoc budgeting mechanisms within Autodesk systems such as Autocad, Inventor and Revit.

The design and / or creation phase of the product or project takes place in automatic or semi-automatic mode where possible, in order to allow even technically inexperienced users, such as salespeople or even the customers themselves, to arrive at the estimate.
Where more study is required by the technical office, customized commands are created that support the user in the first phase in the design and, in the second phase, in the derivation of the lists and technical sheets for the production.

This part of the process can be automated by SCT computer science and the benefits for the company are: speed of derivation of documents, elimination of errors, fast revision process and relieving the technical office of tedious and repetitive operations such as manual counting of pieces, creation of layouts but with different component measurements and other similar operations.

The complementary step is the organization of the warehouse to know the situation at every stage of production, from collection shipping, and in particular the relative position of each crate on the shelves.

The procedures created by SCT Informatica allow you to identify all the warehouse shelves with a bar code or RFID system.
The position of a crate is identified only with a code consisting of the number of the row and the number of the column.

The following devices are used to achieve the goal:

– Labels with Bar code to identify each cash register and each warehouse location.

– Portable terminals for reading bar codes.
– Control PC for interfacing with the management system.
– Wi-Fi communication devices to send transmissions to the central system from the warehouse.

Even the optimization of the load in the crates or on the pallets is automated by SCT Informatica based on the load logics that may depend on the production batches, the shipping order, the availability of the crates in the warehouse and in other cases by the logic of assembly during the construction phase.

In fact, shipping is often organized based on the output of the production which, due to construction requirements, has its flow which, however, can clash with the assembly order on site.
Together with the customer we study how to bring the pieces produced to the load in order to optimize the shipping and assembly phases.

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