Autodesk One Team Extension (OTx EMEA) 2019 - Barcellona

Participation of SCT informatica at the One Team Extension 2019 event organized by Autodesk in Barcelona.

Great news and excellent new knowledge have filled this full immersion of 2 days organized by Autodesk to illustrate the news of the sector, provide courses and updates on products and market trends.

But, more importantly, presentation with great fanfare of SCT computer science, with its history, its many projects and new OEM products by by Mario and Simone.

In the ISV / OEM path during the Partner showcases space, our guys illustrated the origins of SCT, born as a “rib” of the glorious technique SAE (leading company in the design and production of pylons for energy transport).

The presentation continued with an overview of the many projects made to order in the various sectors: carpentry, mechanical engineering, construction and civil engineering and industrial packaging in wood.

Finally, the two flagship products based on Autodesk AutoCAD OEM were illustrated, also with video support:

– IDMCAD with the SMARTCAD module for the generation of ISO paths and extraction for LASER cutting machines for sheet metal, plexigas and wood and other 2D cutting machines such as WATERJET, PLASMA, etc

– PACKDESIGN (ImballiCAD +): software for the design of industrial wood packaging.

Thanks to Autodesk and Techsoft3d for the precious opportunity. We believe we have honored her to the fullest and we are proud to be part of this great family.

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