Codificatore AUTOCAD-WEB

Delivered the application developed in Autodesk AUTOCAD 2013 that supports the user in the design of mechanical machinery.

With the help of the WEB ENCODER the user uniquely identifies each component, codes the new elements creating a library of standards and inserts them on the CAD drawing. Subsequently, the user can “shot” the pieces and, once the design is complete, the user can automatically extract the bill in the company management system.

The advantage of direct CAD-CODING-MANAGEMENT communication allows:

– the creation of a bidirectional, direct and real-time flow between the MANAGEMENT and AUTOCAD, i.e. between the administration and the technical office

– since these are special pieces and not in series, the coding can be done by the designer directly during the design phase and without “leap of Environment” when done in AUTOCAD but with the logic of the management system coder

– the security of the data entered

– automatic extraction of the list

– the creation of a catalog and a history

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