Nesting 3D - La Spedizione integrata col sistema di Produzione snello

The goal of more and more companies is to create a Pull system that allows you to create the right product, in the right quantity, at the right time and with the minimum use of resources.

It is therefore necessary to use a software that controls all the operational phases, from production to shipment.

The main peculiarity of the Comessa management systems designed by SCT Informatica is precisely that of guiding production not only according to the geometric characteristics of the pieces and the technologies of the systems and processing cycles, but also by the priority and optimization of shipments.

The operational sequences of production, whether it is panels, cages, flanges, posts, angles and iron plates or other pieces will be dictated according to the composition of the packages, the assembly phases and the truck loading requests during the shipping phase. .

The Nesting 3D software allows, always starting from the design and production data, to extract the loading lists for the calculation of the packaging, optimizing both the loading of the crates / pallets and subsequently the loading of the products / crates onto the truck.

We are talking about 3D Nesting where, however, the load optimizer uses reasoning based on geometric, weight, volume, interlocking and shipping constraints, trying to achieve the objective function that must balance both production and shipping needs.

For example, in the case of production of laminate panels for cleanrooms, the production could be carried out for the entire order but, during the shipping phase, it is necessary to group the panels by work areas, which could be shipped at different times, and by areas. assembly, as on a wall of 40 panels it is appropriate that they are loaded on the same pallet or on neighboring pallets.

In the case of loading prefabricated panels, it is necessary to take into account the maximum weight of the load, the volumes involved and the measures as it is preferable to work with standard trucks and not to resort to exceptional transport.

The inserted nesting system is extendable and adaptable to multiple situations, after careful study of the load constraints, such as volumes, weights, pieces ordering, joints, homogeneity and obviously the production phases.

In addition, the support of an AutoCAD graphic environment allows you to view the results in 2D and 3D.

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