Configuratore 3D per la preventivazione di impianti per il controllo accessi

The software, based on AutoCAD, is a configurator to support the design of access control systems.

The configurator through intuitive commands allows the user to drag and drop the various elements that make up the system which will always be represented graphically.
The tracing takes place “above” the customer’s layout in dwg / pdf format, set as an external reference.
The user can insert single elements such as columns, turnstiles and labels, as well as composite elements such as kits and fences composed of plexigas panels and floor lamps.

After having designed the system in 3D / 2D through the basic commands, the technician can make some changes, of measurements and accessories.

Once the design has been completed, the system exports in csv format the list of components drawn, grouped by first level parent element, as per the catalog. The csv file will then be used by the management software to make the offer.

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